They’ll throw the word feminism in your face,
Like the dirtiest slur they can think of.
And when they do, ask them
what is so shameful about defending your gender
And their gender, and all genders
Remind them that feminism is about equality
They won’t believe you
Really, you’re reminding yourself
And when they say you’re crazy and radical
ask them what is so terrible about burning a piece of lace
Is it really as bad as one in four women being violated
And told to pull down their skirts, hold their keys between their fingers
And if they bring up Eve in the garden
ask them where we’d be if Adam had eaten the apple
Remind them that
Queen Victoria built the modern world,
And Ada Lovelace the computer,
That they cut off the head of Marie Antoinette for nothing,
To punish her for something she did not do
And burned Joan of Arc for being strong
Stronger than a man
When they mumble and stutter, and finally
call you something terrible
go back to fighting, and remember
do not let them hand you the stake
Veronica Douglas, A Reminder (via alisonendrix)